Various FAQ’s Associated With Baby Swings

Swings with all the right kind of features are a life saver for parents with new born babies. There are number of baby swing types, which help to calm them down and put them to sleep. Parents have to spend many hours in a day to soothe and comfort their babies, a swing on the other hand helps them achieve the same task hands free. These frequently asked questions help parents determine what kind of features a swing has to offer.

Various FAQ's Associated With Baby Swings

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1. Up to What Age Is The Swing Suitable?

Swings are suitable not according to age but by the weight they are able to hold. Some babies might cross the weight limit earlier while some do not. However, swings are used till babies are able to walk, after which they are usually too big to play in a swing.

2. Is A Swing Safe For New Born Babies?

Any baby swing that has a reclining position is completely safe for a new born as they can be laid on it and swung. On the other hand a swing that only allows for upright position is definitely not suitable for new born babies.

3. What Is The Weight Limit The Swing Can Handle?

A sturdy swing with metal frames can hold up to 10 pounds or more, depending on its design. Most new born swings can only handle up to 6 pounds. It is recommended that once the child reaches this limit, parents stop using the swing as it can be dangerous for the baby.

4. Can The Swing Be Folded And Stored?

Swings do come without being assembled, they have to be assembled once the designated place is decided upon. However, smaller more portable swings can easily be taken apart of folded in order to be transported or stored.

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5. How Long Can The Baby Be Left In The Swing?

It is recommended that babies only be left in the swing as long as they play, as soon as they fall asleep, it is best to remove them to a more safer and comfortable sleeping option such as a crib or a bed. Swings are not ideal for long term sleeping as they do not provide adequate support for the growing babies bones.

6. Can The Seat And Toys Be Removed And Washed?

Most modern swings come with detachable parts. This is especially true with the seat and toys. Babies will inevitably soil the seat or spill something on it. A washable seat is always a good option. At the same time, toys should also be removed and washed, so that the dirt and grime is not in close contact with the baby, as they tend to chew on the toys or put them in their mouth.

7. Does The Motor Sound Disturb The Baby?

Most good quality swings come with very soft motors, without which it is impossible to keep the baby to sleep. If there is any sound, it might be because of the creaking that occurs during each swing, if oiled well and adjusted, this creaking will stop.

Various FAQ's Associated With Baby Swings

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8. Can This Be Traveled With? It Is Portable To Take On Trips?

If one is investing in a portable swing set, it can definitely be traveled with. Once folded it can fit into a large bag and can be taken anywhere to set up for the babies comfort and familiarity, so that they fall asleep without any fuss.

9. How Many Motions Does The Swing Come With? Is There A Speed Increment?

Swings come with a front and back motion, as well as a side to side motion. Newer swings also come with the capacity to glide, which is a more smoother option that swinging. Power controlled swings do come with speed increments, to better suit the needs of each baby.

10. Does The Swing Fit Through Standard Doors?

A conventional swing might be large and may not fit through doors, which is why they come in a box. Once inside the house, they can be assembled on the spot where it is to be placed. This is true especially for swings with legs which jut out as a part of their design.

11. How Easy Is It To Assemble A Baby Swing?

Assembling a swing is not a difficult job. Most swings come with very clear instructions to make it easy for parents to finish the job under an hour. However, if that is not possible, parents can opt to follow video instructions if provided or ask a professional from the company to set it up for them for a nominal fee.

Various FAQ's Associated With Baby Swings

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12. Is The Swinging Motion Jerky?

Swinging is mostly soothing for the baby, especially ones made with the right design. However, gliders are much more smoother and more preferred by parents lately.


There are many baby swing factors to consider when purchasing a new swing for babies. Some might take to it immediately, some might take longer, this varies from baby to baby. If possible parents should always test out a product to see if their babies are going to be comfortable in the swing and stay in it longer. Comfort and safety are of most importance.


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