Baby Follow’s 57 Top Mom Blogs MUST Follow

Whether you are a current parent surrounded by insanity, a future parent looking forward with apprehension, or a former parent looking back in love, these 57 blogs by hard-working moms will keep you laughing, warm your spirit, and offer great advice about raising kids while still nurturing your personal development.

These blogs, along with many others like them, offer a ton of great information about raising a family, staying happy in a relationship, and accomplishing your goals and dreams. Whether you are a parent, a child, or just curious, hopefully, these sites have added some value to your life. Maybe you will even start one of your own!

Please Note: The blogs featured here are arranged in no particular order. We're fans of all of them.



Mr And Mrs T Plus Three

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This site is a great place for parents to interact with other parents    and post lists about the family experience.

Cool Mom Picks


From useful new technology to gifts, recipes and sound family advice, Cool Mom Picks has parents covered with snappy lists and reviews

Tech Mama


Created by a former high school English teacher with three kids of her own, this site is chock full of educational resources for kids from zero to twelve.

Honest Mum


For the mom who wants to live the good life while raising kids, Honest Mum offers lifestyle tips and tricks on topics like travel and food.

Pregnant Chicken


Guidance and advice for people going through, or about to start a pregnancy, with an emphasis on a positive, healthy outlook.

Working Mom Magic


Tons of useful tidbits and reviews of children’s projects  make this site a trove of information. The overall focus is on happiness and strength.

Parenting Chaos


In addition to a focus on education, food, and family, this site has unique resources for parents raising autistic children.  They also sell a line of essential oils.

Not Your Average Mom


This deeply personal site pulls no punches in  examining the harder parts of pregnancy and motherhood,  as well as offering lighter reviews and advice.

Incredible Infant


Great tips and tricks make this site a useful tool, but it’s most notable for its rich graphic content.  

Jigsaw Parenting


This blog is more like a hub for parents to connect and tell their stories.  The emphasis is on uplifting, encouraging parenting tales.

Cloth Diaper Geek


A fantastic source of information and reviews about cloth diaper products and practices, for the mom who likes to keep things natural.

The Stay-at-Home Life


From health and wellness to children with autism, to working from home,  this blog covers a broad range of issues for people stuck in the house with kids.  

Single Mom Nation


A forum for advice about the world of the single mothership.  Their podcast tackles all the issues from sex to money with grace and candor.

Mommies With Style


For the active mom,  this site has tips on fashion, travel, and fitness,  among other family subjects.

Viva Veltoro


  This is a site about living life   to the fullest, with stories, reviews and giveaways and a detailed section on food.

4 Hats And Frugal


  Fun and practical suggestions live together   on this useful site, from tips about movies to financial advice.

Grandma's Briefs


 A parenting site that takes things into the next generation with a focus on grandmothers needs and stories.  

Mummy Daddy And Me Makes Three


 This family blog has a particularly high travel section, filled with excellent family destinations.  

Mom Of 6


With a specialty in parties,  this site can help you prepare for any kid-themed celebration,  including day trips and simple snacks at home.

Super Busy Mum


Lovely photos punctuate this personal blog, which can also help you plan your wedding.  

The Mom Of The Year


The tips and professional advice are useful, but the sight shines in its quest to deliver inspirational words of hope.  

Funny Is Family


With posts that range from the touching to the hilarious,  this site addresses the lighter half of parenting.  

Pretty Opinionated


The youthful energy at pretty opinionated   makes it a popular stop for a full range of lifestyle needs, and the advice on children here considers both health and social needs.

Dear Beautiful Boy


This touchingly personal site chronicles a young family and all their exploits. The stories, pictures, and movies here are positively adorable.  

The Mom Cafe


The Mom Cafe is about nurturing and encouraging you, no matter what parts of life you might be dealing with. The articles and books here will help lift you up if you’re down.  

Easy Green Mom


 This place has all the tips you need for healthy, sustainable parenting   along with a few fun extra ideas, and even an Etsy shop.

Stephanie Sprenger


This blog doubles as a hub for aspiring women writers and activists,  inviting readers to participate in both literary and social media campaigns.   

Savoring The Good


From tasty recipes to Disney travel plans, to upcoming movies, this site focuses on the fun parts of being a parent.  

Love From Mummy


In addition to chronicling the lives of the author’s children, this blog offers reviews of toys, movies, and educational products.  

Los Angeles Mamma Blog


Lifestyle tips for a modern age fill this blog,    from medical and business advice to suggestions for beauty products and home design.

Playground Confidential


A hard-hitting, witty blog about the trials of being a mom  featuring thoughtful advice with a humorous take.

Nicole Leigh Shaw


With a zany, outrageous take on motherhood, this site is an excellent place to crack up about the art of parenting   or pick up some goofy gear.

Nicole A Life Through My Eyes


Personal stories and child product advice from a mother  cataloging her pregnancies and parenting.

My Life Unexpected


This touching blog deals with the surprises of parenthood from finding out you’re pregnant, to discovering the surprising joys of the little things in life.


It could be that these energetic moms will inspire you to do some great activities with your family, and, perhaps, to chronicle a little more of the magical journey of your children toward adulthood. As you can see, a whole world of support exists out there to help you connect your business goals with the needs of your home.

Even better, these moms may have encouraged you to commit to being yourself even more. Everyone has something special to say, and the internet is the perfect place to express your personal collection of interests. The things you care about are unique to you alone, and the way you bring these things together, and share them with people, can not only move your life in a positive direction, but it can also help countless others to find good ideas about their lives, too.

If you are interested in blogging, or just looking for parenting tips, be sure to check out all these sites for creative ideas about your work, from raising amazing kids to building a digital home on the web.

What kinds of websites do you like the most?

What keeps you returning to your favorite mom blogs?​


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