Tips To Buy And Use The Best Baby Swing

There are a number of brands manufacturing baby swings, designing new ones by adding many types of features. Baby swings come in many sizes, shapes, functionality, pricing, materials, etc. Buying the baby swing can be overwhelming for parents, due to this array of products available both in shops and online platforms. Doing a bit of research and asking other parents can be of great help.

Tips To Buy And Use The Best Baby Swing

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Tips To Buy Baby Swings

Comfort And Soothing

The basis of any baby swing should provide the baby with utmost comfort and calm them down. Without which babies will get more irritable and the purpose of a swing is lost. The right amount of cushioning and ergonomics add to the overall comfort.


A heavy swing is both cumbersome to use and difficult to carry around. A portable swing can be easily carried into any room or be transported in the car to take with the baby, so they can have the comfort of the swing, even outside home.

Multiple Swing Motions

Swings come with back and forth motion, as well as side to side swings, some even have the option of gliding. Different babies prefer different settings, parents have to be aware of what motion is calming their child versus what motion makes them dizzy or fussy.

Battery Operated Or Power Cord

Depending on where the swing will be predominantly positioned, parents can determine if they need to buy a battery operated swing or one which needs a power outlet. There are also swings available which can be operated manually, but this takes continuous effort.


If the swing is used on a daily basis, it is essential that it meets all safety standards, has a sturdy base and poses no threat to the baby in any manner. Harness that keeps them intact without the risk of falling is another major feature to keep in mind. Seating them in the swing should be a pleasant experience for the babies as well as the parents and lead to no hazard.

Toy Mobiles And Music

Lastly, parents will find that swings with in-built music and toy mobiles come in very handy, when babies need to be distracted. These not only provide entertainment to them, but music helps to soothe their mood and put them to sleep too.

Tips To Buy And Use The Best Baby Swing

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Tips To Use Baby Swings

Keep An Eye Out

When seating a baby in a swing, parents should always be around in the same room and keep an eye on the baby. Babies should never be allowed to fall asleep in the swing for too long as this is not good for their health or safety.

Purchase Sturdy Swings

Always look out for good quality swings, they will last longer as well as stand sturdy on the surface without tipping or toppling over. Babies move a lot and are always trying to reach out for their parents, the swing should not budge even with continuous movement from the baby.

Hang Swings Securely

The types of swings that are hung from the ceiling, should be secured appropriately. If needed, parents should take help from an expert to fix the right screw into the ceiling. Without which, there is a danger that the swing might come lose and fall down with the baby.

Always Put Safety Harness

While in the swings, the babies should always be fixed with the harness. In the absence of the harness, it is easy for the babies to fall down and hurt themselves. Harness should be lose enough for their comfort, but snug enough to not give them room to wriggle out.

Place On Flat Surfaces

Among many dangers of baby swings, placing them on an elevated surface is the most common. While the babies move continually, the swings can jerk at the same time and fall from the height. This is hazardous to them, therefore the swings should always be placed on the flat ground.

Do Not Swing On High Speeds

Even though swings come with many speeds, as some babies prefer to be rocked and swung rigorously. It is however, not good for them, as the continuous motion can cause them to feel dizzy and throw up. They might fall severely motion sick and not want to be seated in the swing again.


SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome is common among babies left unsupervised. This is true especially when they are asleep in swings. The nature of death cannot be determined, however, most probably it is due to the lack of oxygen and air which suffocates them. Parents need to be careful to never leave their children alone outside of a safe bed when they are asleep.


Swings provide parents opportunity to keep the baby occupied while they work on their other essential jobs. It is helpful to have a swing around when extra help is not available. While keeping the safety precautions in mind, swings can be used for safety and comfort of the baby, while providing convenience to the parent.



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