The Hidden Dangers Associated With Baby Swings

There are a number of deaths and injuries being continually reported lately with increasing use of baby swings among households with new born children. A baby’s body is not delicate and therefore not made for unsupportive seating that does not allow them proper posture. Especially when left unsupervised this danger multiplies. Parents are advised to always be around their babies when they are on a swing, and remove them as soon as they fall asleep.

The Hidden Dangers Associated With Baby Swings

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Dangers Associated

1. Asphyxiation

SIDS is a growing phenomenon, especially in swings and baby beds. When left unsupervised, babies can sleep in odd positions or snuggle into the blankets. This leads to less supply of oxygen, with the decreased level of air to breathe, asphyxia occurs, many times it is too late to revive children from such a position even with the help of medical experts.

2. Poor Posture

As baby’s bodies are not completely formed till many years later, their bones are easily flexible and mould to the posture they predominantly sit or sleep in. Sleeping posture is very important, as it is in sleep that babies grow healthier. Leaving a baby to sleep is terrible for their posture, bending their spine in the wrong position for a long time. At the same time, as babies tend to hang their necks while asleep, it can lead to neck injuries too.

3. Choking

A wrong posture can also lead to choking, when babies are strapped into the swing, and they do not sit upright, there are higher chances that while being fed, they might choke. It does not rule out the fact that they can choke on their own saliva too. Babies tend to throw up a lot and when not supervised this can lead to choking.

4. Suffocating

Suffocation is predominantly seen in swings with extra cushioning. When babies fall asleep in all that bedding and cushioning, it can lead to suffocation, which also results in death when left unsupervised for a long time. In the upright swings, the belts and straps can also pin them down and reduce breathing space when they are seated in the wrong posture.

5. Unstable Swings

Swings made with plastic can be very unstable, especially as children move so much and are always trying to reach out to their parents or toys. Unstable surfaces or flimsy swings can lead them to collapse or fall over, which can severely injure kids, leading to head injuries or broken bones. When not secured properly to the ceiling, hanging swings can fall with the weight too.

6. Toppling

Toppling is true to swings that have the rocking feature. Wherever more weight is put, that is the direction the swing can topple. Sometimes, when children are not strapped appropriately, they can wiggle out of the straps, and try to get out of the swing, this will lead to toppling and injuries too.


The Hidden Dangers Associated With Baby Swings

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Benefits – Best Baby Swings Features

1. Calming a Baby

Babies become irritable for many reasons, it is not always that the parents are aware of what is troubling the baby. No amount of calming or rocking helps them, this can tire the parents quickly. On such occasions, baby swings come in handy for the worried parents, as they can put the baby to rock in the swing, to calm them down, while the parents can figure out what is troubling their new born.

2. Sleep Tool

Rocking a baby constantly in the arms can become so cumbersome that it sometimes leads to spine and neck problems. Besides this the mother becomes very tired too. For some babies, rocking is absolutely necessary, as they do not fall asleep otherwise. For such fussy babies, there are baby swings available which help to put them to sleep with little effort from the parents. Once asleep, the babies can be removed to a safer sleeping zone.

3. Portable

Baby swings are light and highly portable. They can be carried into any room, or outside garden, they can be brought to dinners or parks. They become a great seating arrangement for babies when they parents are out and about, and do not want to constantly carry their babies. It gives babies a chance to sit and watch the atmosphere around them, while being supervised by their parents.

4. Varieties

Here are a number of manufacturers designing baby swings that are suitable for all kinds of households. Swings can be large or small, fixed or portable. Some swings are hung from a hook on the ceiling, while some have stands which can be placed on a stable surface. Some are upright while some are flat or reclined. Depending on the age and need of the baby, parents can choose between such array of swings.


Babies form habits soon, one of the best baby swings tips, is to not let them swing too often, it is always best to not constantly rock them for naps. If they pick up this habit, it is noticed that they hardly compromise for anything other than the swing. As the dangers of swings are many, it is recommended that it is used to a minimum.



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