Parental Guidance with Baby Swing

Baby swings are one of the baby products for them to sleep comfortably. These swings are to deal with cranky and crying babies. Baby swings basically gives them a feeling of swing just like the one when they are in their mother’s womb and is extensively used by new parents to make their babies sleep, especially if they cry a lot or act cranky. But excessive use of these swings is always advised not to be supported as the baby could curl up or fall from it getting severely injured.

Parental Guidance with Baby Swing

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Why do we need a baby swing?

As we all know that the basic purpose of baby swing is to give babies a back and forth motion which puts him to deep and sound sleep. Babies, even if they are sleepy will not sleep by themselves unless you put them to sleep forcibly. Many babies cry a lot and get cranky when you put them to sleep. It has been observed that if you put babies in baby swing with complete silence for some time that back and forth rock motion gradually puts the baby to sleep.  What more you need to decide if you know that this thing can put the crying baby to sleep and give you time to do what you want. There are many other baby swing benefits, but this is the important one.

How do we choose a right baby swing?

Choosing a baby swing is a job that needs parent’s attention to a few specific features that directly impacts their babies like the comfort of the baby on the seat, chances of getting any injury, any effect of motors in the baby swings on the baby, etc. There are other parameters too that might affect your usage and purchase decision like the price, storage space, utility and durability and lot of other parameters.

Big size baby swing

Such swings are powered by a motor to provide a back and forth motion or swing to your babies and stand on a strong frame or stand to keep the seat level above the ground for smooth swinging motion. They are of full size and take huge storage space too due to which they cannot be generally moved from one place to another due to their size and weight but offers a great swinging motion for the baby to fall asleep.

Also, due to strong base or stand, there is no possibility for the kid to trip and fall on the floor thereby making it extremely safe for the baby.

Small baby swings

These baby swings are extremely light and compact and can be carried anywhere you want. Generally, parents who might have to travel frequently can buy this one as they could fold it and re-assemble it anywhere for their babies to sleep. They too have a small motor that can back the swing motion and hence no physical effort is required for you to keep the swing motion constant. Since it is lightweight and portable, you can travel, how much ever you want to.

These swings are not very expensive but have lesser features as compared to full sized ones.

Parental Guidance with Baby Swing

Photo Credit: Parental Guidance with Baby Swing

The features for buying a swing

There are many features available today in baby swings, but few main ones that should be looked are discussed below:

Seat – the seats should be removable to be stored separately, there by reducing the storage space.

Washing – the cleaning of the baby seat should be easy and simple as any baby product needs frequent cleaning.

Padding and comfort – the seats should be padded with soft and fluffy material for your babies to be comfortable and have a sound sleep.

Recliners – if the seats position can be changed, then even if the baby is not sleeping, he can spend some time on the swing without getting tripped on the floor.

Strong base – the base on which the swing stands should be strong enough so that the swinging motion does not cause the baby to fall on the floor.


There are many baby swing ideas and features, but you should select the one that suits your requirements and helps your baby sleep comfortable and safely.


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