Making A Wooden Baby Swing Set

Baby swings are a very common baby product found in almost every household that has a small baby generally to calm down the Crying Baby. The swing motion is soothing for the baby and calms him down. Today, there are so many products available in the market today, that you have an amazing range of baby swings to choose from, but if you are a Do It Yourself types, then you can make your own wooden baby swing at home. It is not a complicated process but if you want you can get some carpentry work done from the market too further simplifying your work. Follow a few simple steps with the right ingredients, and you can have a beautiful baby swing in your house.

Making A Wooden Baby Swing Set

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Structure of the wooden swing

The basic structure of the wooden swing set consists of four vertical wooden beams and one horizontal beam joining the other four beams. The four vertical beams are diagonally standing against one another with their top ends at one place and these joint ends of the four vertical beams is joined by the horizontal beam. The swing or seat is attached to the rope and the other need of the rope is tied to the horizontal wooden beam.

How do we built it


You need four strong beams to begin with cut into a proper shape, size and height at which you need the swing to hang from. Measure the size of the bottom of the beam ad then dig the hole on the ground as one end of the beams will have to cement on the ground. So dig the hole so that the four beams could be cemented.

Cut to an angle

The four beams that would stand on the ground would be placed at 45 degrees so we need to cut the edges of those beams by 45 degrees. Only the bottom edges need to be cut.


Now drill the holes on the edges of the four wooden beams that would be up so that after you cement them from bottom, you can fix the top edges with the nut and bolts. Also drill both the ends of the horizontal beams for fixing it later to the other four beams.

Making A Wooden Baby Swing Set

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Fix the bottom

You are done with digging the hole and cutting the edge to an accurate angle of 45 degrees. So now you are ready to cement the beams by placing it correctly at the 45 degrees to each other. So put the beams on to the holes you dug and start covering it with cement and allow it to dry till it becomes hard enough.

The top edges of the beams

You have fixed the bottom edges at 45 degrees and you can see the top edges together which needs to be permanently fixed to each other. So fix them with the nut and tighten it sufficiently.

Horizontal beam

Now you have the horizontal beam to be fixed which also needs to be fixed to the top edges of the other four beams. So tighten this beam to the other with nut and bolts.

Making A Wooden Baby Swing Set

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Swing seats

Swing seats could be chosen based on the age f your baby. For infants and small babies it is generally advised to keep recliner seats for their optimum posture. So once you have selected the seat, you need to tie it to a strong and thick rope and then tie the other end to the horizontal wooden beam. You either tie it or fix it with a hook onto the beam.

You are ready

You are ready with the swing. Now you need to test it before you start using it for your baby by placing some load similar to the baby and see if the swing swings in correct direction and if the swing is able to take load without getting cracked or breaking up.


There are a number of baby swings and all baby Swings differ in the kind of seats and structure but serve the same purpose of back and forth soothing motions for the baby, be it manual or electric motor based, the effect is the same.


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