How long do you need to wear Abdominal Binders for after a C-Section?

How long do you need to wear Abdominal Binders for after a C-Section?

As you very well know by now, abdominal binders, waist cinchers, belly bands and post-partum belts have rapidly gained in popularity due to the wide range of benefits and relief they provide to women – particularly for those who went through a C-Section.

C-sections typically require a longer recovery time and usually restrict a fair bit of movement while your skin and tissues slowly stitch themselves back together.

OBGYNs and general doctors always push products such as post-partum belts onto their patients. Chances are though, that you have no idea how exactly these devices work.

You may be wondering: what are the extent of the benefits I will experience? How do I know which the best product is? Is it safe to wear these immediately after birth? How long should I wear abdominal binder and belly band after C-Section?

If you’re looking for answers to these questions and more, then read on!

Abdominal Binders/Waist Cinchers/Belly Bands

long need wear abdominal binders

Though there are many different products available on the market, essentially they all do the same thing. The differences between products such as abdominal binders and belly bands lie in the user functionality.

Abdominal Binders typically come with either hooks-and-eyes or Velcro straps. The product is made of medical grade material – to allow for maximum breathability – and stretches from right under the bust to just above the pelvis.

When I say waist cinchers, you may immediately start thinking about the waist cinching products that have been made famous by the Kardashian clan.

However, there are waist cinchers that are specifically meant for after the birthing process. They help to compress the uterus and get it back in the right place.

These specific type of waist cinching devices are also made of medical grade material. They also come with Velcro fastening. Waist cinching has become so popular that these products now come with multiple designs and patterns.

Belly bands also known as belly wraps are usually cheaper and easier to put on and take off. The biggest advantage to belly wraps is that they are able to expand to as wide as you will need them to be.

Why are Abdominal Binders Necessary?

Once you have pushed your beloved new-born out into the world, the effects on your body are quite instantaneous.

As you know, the skin around you belly will be stretched out. You will experience random cramping for days – possibly weeks – after the birth. You will have to deal with lower back pains and itchiness along the C-Section incision.

Having a C-Section also means that mobility will be restricted during the recovery process.

Abdominal Binders shorten the recovery period by using compression. Compression supports the area of the body that is healing by increasing blood flow to the area and reducing swelling.

Binding the abdominal area also helps your muscles to contract and retreat into the right spaces. Compression over the C-Section scar will also help the skin to heal much quicker and will prevent bursts of pain when you laugh, cry, shout or roll over in your sleep.

Aesthetically, you will also notice that your body regains its pre-pregnancy shape much quicker with the compression. Think of an Abdominal Binder as your best friend after birth – it gives you all the support you will ever need.

Duration of Usage

How long you choose to wear your Abdominal Binder for is entirely up to you. It should be based on your personal level of comfort and the amount of time your body takes to heal.

If you had your child via natural birth, then 1-2 weeks of usage will be sufficient. If you had a C-Section, then the amount of time compression should be experienced is over the full course of the recovery period – usually 4-6 weeks.

In a day, an Abdominal Binder should be worn for a maximum duration of 8-hours. That 8-hours can be broken up into 4 2-hour slots each or worn for 4-hours in the morning and another 4-hours at night.

Most doctors do not recommend that compression devices be worn for longer than 8-hours. They should also not be worn during sleep or exercise for maximum recovery efficiency.

The Best Products in the Market

As with every product, there are a few that stand heads and shoulders above the rest. Among all the various devices, the best post-partum waist cincher is the ShaperQueen-1010.

long need wear abdominal binders

The most unique element of this product is that it extends down to the pelvis and ends under the breasts. This gives full support. There is also mesh like material incorporated into the bodice to allow for great breathability.

Additionally, the hooks-and-eyes on the front makes this piece easy to get in and out of. A great plus point to this product is that it does not show up under clothes. Ultimately, the ShaperQueen-1010 is functional and will not get in the way of all your fashion needs.

To see just how effective it is, visit this YouTube link to see this lady give a review on the effects of the product 6-weeks after the start of usage.

Ultimately, the positive effects of Abdominal Binders have been well documented in studies and in the overall reception of the products by the post-pregnancy market. With the right product, you will be able to recover much quicker and interact and play with your new-born.

Perhaps the greatest thing about products such as these is that they help you to get your body and by extension, yourself back. 2-6 weeks from the time you begin, you will notice that your body will be stronger and that the aches and pains that have plagued you before are no longer quite as insistent.

Additionally, these products and the ShaperQueen-1010 in particular are able to shrink with you. They will be able to be worn through multiple post-pregnancies and will be able to stand the test of time.



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