Know The Features To Compare While Looking For a Baby Swing

Baby swings are both fun for the babies and convenient for the parents. Swings provide a safe haven for them to play and fall asleep in, while the parents can leave them in the swings, monitoring them hands free. There are a number of baby swings out in the market, choosing one can be easy when parents know exactly which baby swing factors to consider.

Know The Features To Compare While Looking For a Baby Swing

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Important Features That Can Be Compared

Seats Of Baby Swing

The seat is probably the most important feature of the swing, as the comfort and width of the seat determines how much time the baby is likely to comfortably spend in the swing.

Padding: Too much or too little padding is both uncomfortable. Too much padding decreases the space for the baby to sit, while less padding makes them uneasy. The right amount of padding will ensure they have enough room to sit and stay relaxed.

Detachable: As the babies are more likely to spend many hours in the swing, entertaining themselves, it is important that the swing be cleaned properly. A detachable seat is not only easy to wash, but also hygienic. Any soiling or spills can be easily taken care of. A detachable seat can also be used as a bay seat outside the swing.

Incline:Without inclining a swing and seat are not suitable for all ages. A swing makes a good investment when it can be used for many months, as the baby is growing up. New born babies are not able to hold their necks up, which is why they should always be lying down. Once they are able to do so, they can be seated in the upright position. Variations in inclinations helps to transition the same swing.

Swinging Motion Of The Swing

Speed: An adjustable swinging speed makes it convenient for the parents to adjust it according to the babies varying preferences. Not only does the speed preference change from baby to baby, but as the same child gets used to a certain swinging speed, they would probably need a higher speed the next time over to fall asleep.

Direction: Depending on how the baby was swung in the parents hands initially, they develop a preference to be swung either front to back or side to side. Having both options in the same swing makes it convenient and versatile to use on a daily basis.

Timer: It is important that baby swings have timers, so that parents are mindful about how long the baby needs to swing. Too much swinging can also make them dizzy or sick. The timer should be set up just enough to help them fall asleep, getting them used to swinging while asleep will make them develop this habit and less likely to sleep without swinging.

Swing’s Support Frame

Material: A solid metal frame is what one needs to look for in a baby swing. Plastic frames do not last long nor hold a lot of weight, besides they are the least sturdy. Metal frames on the other hand, are long lasting, have weight to them, which makes them stand firmly without jerking or moving with the swinging motion.

Base: Swings with flat bases, are more preferred instead of the ones with legs. The flat base with more width, also allows for the seat to be larger and increases the safety of the overall product. The swing is less likely to topple over when someone accidentally knocks it.

Storage: If one is looking for a portable baby swing that can be folded and taken around, it is convenient to store it too. However, these are smaller in size and will not have a large seat. But for those parents with smaller apartments, it is a good choice.

Entertainment Associated With The Swing

Themes: Swings come with many themes, either color or type of features available. With increasing demand for color coordinated swings, parents can choose from a variety of colors to suit the theme of the nursery.

Music: The swings come with music that is both entertaining and soothing for the baby. During play time, parents can choose to play music that will help the baby stay alert and play with the toys and during nap time, softer music can be played which will help them fall asleep.

Toys: Depending on the theme of the baby swing, a number of toys come along with the swing. There are also slots to hang different mobiles, toys and teether. These toys will rotate, make noise, light up, etc, to keep the baby occupied and happy.

Know The Features To Compare While Looking For a Baby Swing

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Safety Features Of The Swing

Weight Capacity: Depending on the kind of material the swing is made of, it is able to hold different amounts of weight. Ideally a sturdy metal frame should be able to hold a baby till they are 1 and a half year old. Parents should also find out the maximum weight requirement before purchasing any swing.

Harness: Swing harness is a very important feature. Without the harness, one puts the baby in the danger of falling out. A 5 point harness is ideal to keep the baby well secured and seated in the right position, once they grow up a 3 point harness works too. The harness should not be tight around the baby and should have adjustable straps to adapt to their growing body.

Recline: Without the feature of reclining, baby swings tend to be of very temporary use. A reclining seat will be able to accommodate both a new born baby as well as a baby, which is able to hold its neck up without support. Reclining also helps them to fall asleep better with the swinging motion, so that parents take less effort to put them to sleep.

Ease Of Usability

Baby swings are extremely easy to use, especially the ones where the baby can be seated from the top, as it transitions well through their growing months. Assembling a baby swing that does not come pre assembled can be puzzling, but not unachievable. With patience and time, it can be assembled and used in a matter of hours.

Know The Features To Compare While Looking For a Baby Swing

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Your Requirement In Batteries Or Power Cord?

Battery operated swings are common and they can be used not only in one designated area, but can be carried around to different rooms or outdoor spaces. The only demerit being that the batteries need to be constantly changed or recharged.

On the other hand, power operated swings, run without stopping as long as they are plugged into a power source. The downside being, they cannot be take outdoors where a power outlet is not available.


Forums and websites are full of baby swing faq’s by new parents who are nervous about purchasing the right swing for their babies. Most often they are clueless about swings and other soothing equipment. Above is a brief picture about the kind of features a swing offers and what to look for prior to taking the plunge and investing in a baby swing.


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