How To Soothe A Crying Baby

Babies are considered to be blessings and parents go to every extent to make them happier and keep them safe. Every baby cries and as the baby gets older; you need to really creative to handle a crying baby. They are small but are smart enough to perceive things. Their smartness could be handled only by your creativity.

Sleepy and crying babies

When your baby is crying because it is feeling sleepy, then the best available solution is to put him in the baby swing and swing it till he stops crying and feels sleepy. As the baby starts feeling sleepy, you could reduce the speed of the swing. Swing motion is helpful for the maximum number of babies unless the reason for crying is nothing else other than sleep. Since they baby swings are small they feel Safe in a Baby Swing as they are restricted on all sides.

How To Soothe A Crying Baby

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Sometimes, in your absence the baby might feel unsafe and insecure in which case the only way to stop them from crying is to hold them tightly and give them warmth till the time they feel safe and secure and stop crying. Also, keep your small babies always covered in swaddle that keeps them tightly wrapped and hence they feel secure and safe while they sleep and do not cry that often.

Low and soothing noise

At times baby gets crankier without any reason, so you may have to try multiple ways to get rid of the baby’s crying.  You could try singing in a soft voice in their ears which could distract them and help them stop crying for some time. Then post that you could use other methods to distract him.

Talk or sing

You might think that babies are small and are not capable of understanding or perceiving anything. Since, they cannot speak; their perception power is even stronger. At times they might feel left and start crying. In such times, holding them would not hold. Better would be to distract the baby with a soft music playing in the room or all the more better would be to talk to him constantly so that he does not feel left out anymore.

Act or dance

You might want to randomly start enacting someone or dancing in front of the baby to distract him instantly. Anything abrupt or weird distracts very well if the baby is crying a lot and starts thinking about the weird or different activity forgetting about what he was crying for.

Placing hand and calming the baby

At times baby might cry because of some internal uneasiness and so you could gradually place your hands on its back and stomach and slip your hand gently giving the baby a feeling of comfort. Such gentle touch gives a soothing and comforting feeling to the baby that helps in digestion and also helps them relax a little bit in spite of the fact that there is some uneasiness or discomfort inside.

Feed the baby

If you think that the baby’s feeding time is near and the baby starts crying, feed the baby immediately. If you cannot do that immediately, then keep a nipple and make him suck for some time till you could actually feed the baby. This would relax the baby for some time till the hunger actually bothers him a lot.

How To Soothe A Crying Baby

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Unknown atmosphere

When suddenly there is a change in the baby’s atmosphere or strange people, lot of babies get cranky and start crying.  Best way to handle such situation is to hold the baby, shake him well and keep moving. This would comfort him and make him feel safe and secure even in the strange and unknown atmosphere.


A beautiful wooden baby swing lying in your room and the baby sleeping peacefully in it is quite relaxing. But to make the baby sleep or handle when they are crying is a huge task and needs to be handled with care and attention depending upon the situation and the reason why the baby is crying.

Once you know the reason, then you can comfort the baby with different techniques and make the baby feel safe and secure.


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