How to Build Best Baby Swing

 Baby swings are ultimate devices that could calm your little monsters when they get cranky and noisy and promise not to stop no matter what. The swing motions have a magical impact on the babies which comforts them a lot. The swings are not used as a permanently sleeping device for the baby but are used for periodic naps as it gives time to the parents to complete their tasks as well.

How to Build Best Baby Swing

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Readymade or home made

The swings for baby are available in the market and can also be made at home very easily. Many people prefer making it at home as per their specifications and convenience and Baby Swing DIY has become a big trend now. .  There are many ways of making a typical baby swing, provided you keep in mind a few important instructions necessary for the baby’s safety.

How to Build Best Baby Swing

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Select all the required mandatory accessories to make a baby swing before you start with the process like a rope, nuts and bolts, drilling machine, saw for the seat making if you planning to make a wooden seat  and the fabric with which you want to make the seat.

Once you have all these accessories, you need to proceed to the first step.

Step -1 – select the kind of seat you want, preferably the plastic ones with covered walls that you would get it readymade in the market. This would be safe and spacious for your babies to take a deep powerful nap.

Step 2- once the seat is ready, you need to measure its width and then make marks on the roof for holes with the same distance between them so as to ensure that the swing swings in straight path.

Step -3 – once the drilling markings are done proceed with the drilling and then fix the hooks and tighten it with the required nuts and bolts appropriately to its complete strength. Now you can fix the rope on to the hooks you just fastened and then move on to fixing the seat.

Step 4 – once the rope is tightened to the ceiling, you could now fix the hooks of the seat to the rope,you are ready with the swing for your baby.

Step -5 – test the swing with the variable load before you place your baby to see if you have fixed the swing properly or it needs some modifications

How to Build Best Baby Swing

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Fabric seat

If you plan to make the swing seat of fabric, then select a thick fabric with excess tension to bare the load of the baby and the swing motion. Cut the fabric into two rectangular panels and place it on the floor like a Christian cross. Stick them into each other on the area where they coincide after you place them as the cross and then raise all the four panels like a wall and fix them to the rope above. So here you have the seat with walls perfectly safe for your baby. This cannot be used by infants but for kids who can sit independently. For infants a seat of plastic chair or a cube would be better.

Safety considerations especially for babies

There are a few things that are important pertaining to babies only and are mandatorily required to be followed while building a swing for them at home. The walls of the chair or the seat should be padded with soft and fluffy material so that the baby does not get hurt. Also, the mattresses used should be soft enough to keep the baby’s posture in one line.

You could also create Baby Swing for Outdoor like a tree swing or a baby swing on the porch etc. This way your baby can enjoy the natural world also along with the feel of swing motion which would help them ease a little bit and give you some time to spend with the nature peacefully.


Your baby needs care and protection at every step, so why not in the swings. If you keep these tiny little points, your baby can enjoy the swing and you can too when you are assured that your baby is safe and happy.


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