Hanging Baby Swing from Tree Limb: The Best Way

In summer seasons, the best way to enjoy the swing would be in your backyard or garden where you could install your swing on the tree and relax in the summer season. You could either be purchasing a Baby Swing or making it yourself. You need to be careful while selecting the tree and the branch on which you would hang in your swing so that it has optimum strength to hold the weight of the swing and your kid.

Hanging Baby Swing from Tree Limb

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How do we prepare a long lasting swing?

There are thousands and thousands of ways for making up a swing, but you need to select the materials and ingredients very carefully so that every chosen material builds up strong and powerful swing lasting for many years ahead.

Talking about the ingredients, you need to have a saw (hand or electric), a screw driver, sandpaper, rasp of wood, and a big and thick rope, a drilling machine to drill holes for hanging the rope and a few fasteners and fittings.

How do we proceed?

The first thing that you need to select after assembling the materials is to choose the right tree and the branch. For an outer tree swing you need to have a huge tree and select the branch which is thick and relatively parallel to the ground if not exactly. Too curled up branch would change the direction of the swing and would not be uniform.

Hanging Baby Swing from Tree Limb

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Position of the swing on the branch

Once you have selected the branch, do not hang in too close to its edge or the bark as in both the scenarios the swing would come off. This is because either the bark would break the complete branch due to swing pressure or will break of the branch on the other corners which have no support. The swing ideally should be hung in the middle so that the load is evenly balance rendering the swing a long life.

Height of the selected limb

The limb should not be very near to the ground as it would limit the bandwidth in which the swing could motion. An ideal height is 6 inches which causes the swing to go higher. So this means that higher is the length of the rope of the swing, the higher the swing’s motion would be before the gravity becomes dominant.  Once the height of the limb is identified, you go to the carpenter and get your stuff accordingly.


If you are building the swing yourself, then you need to build the seat using two different wooden planks that are at least 16 inches wide and 10 inches deep so that there is ample space for kids of all ages and also the strength to bare the variable weights of the different aged kids.

Hanging Baby Swing from Tree Limb

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You have the seat prepared and now it is time to drill holes for hanging the rope. So advisable would be to first make the markings on the branch and then proceed with the drilling. Keep in mind that the space between the two holes should be exactly same as that of the width of your seat for alignment and proper direction of the swing. Else the swing would not go straight in motion.


Once the holes are drilled properly, it is time to attach the ropes on to the tree. So use the screws and fasteners and fit your ropes on to the tree. Once that is done, fix the ropes on to the seat.  Adjust and tighten all the screws near the rope on the branches and the seat before you go live to ensure maximum safety.


Once you are done with all the fixing work, it is time to test what you have done. Place variable loads on the swing and swing it in motion to test if the screws and bolts are tightened properly and if they are safely able to handle the weight and motion. Once that is done and you are confirmed, you can now place your kids and allow them to enjoy the tree swing cherishing the natural world.


There are many Baby Swing Ideas, but the points covered here are generic to all ways.



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