Creative Things To Do With Your 6 Month Old Baby

A 6 month old baby is old enough to perceive things and enjoy and get entertained. Hence, you need to be creative in every routine task that you do with your baby, so that the baby is entertained and also gets a learning experience in an interesting and engaging way. Here we shall discuss a few creative ways of dealing with your 6 month babies.

A baby swing

You might have a baby swing and would want to lay your baby in it so that you can do some work. If the baby is sleeping, then it is fine, but if the baby is awake, then you got to keep him entertained so that the baby does not cry and is safe in baby swing allowing you to complete your work without any hassles. So you could either sing around or play some rhymes and show some dancing in between so that the baby is engaged and can enjoy the ambience allowing you to work freely.

Creative Things To Do With Your 6 Month Old Baby

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A walker

You can make your babies walk around you so that you don’t have to carry them every time you needed to do some work and let them follow you in a playful manner right behind you. If your walker has music or attractive lights, you could switch that on and you can also sing in between to keep your baby engaged with you and the walker with his freedom of walking around wherever he wants to.

Daily chores

You could try involving your baby in to your daily chores or activities like folding the clothes after they are dried or placing the pillows on place. Give them a few clothes’ while you are folding yours, and see how your kid would love copying you and would be engaged enough to allow you to do your work patiently.

Make things up

You might have observed that when you setup something, your baby might enjoy spoiling it up. For example if you have stacked a few clothes or utensils and if you allow your kid to push it, the kid enjoys. So you could do that with clothes’ as it would not make noise and keep the baby happy and cheerful.

Creative Things To Do With Your 6 Month Old Baby

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Efforts to reach the unreachable

There would be some favorite items or toys of your baby which if you keep it in some place which is not easily reachable by them, then in order to approach those items kids try with a lot of actions which is fun to observe and also keeps them highly engaged till of course the time they get bored.

Flashlights – a constant amusing experience

Have you ever observed your kids chase a patch of light? Well this is one of the most interesting things to do and they love it. You could place your kid onto the baby swing and point a torch on to the wall and let them get amused by watching the moving light and you can have fun watching them getting excited and approaching the light patch on the wall.

Creative Things To Do With Your 6 Month Old Baby

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Grasping – photo identification

Lying in a baby swing all the time will surely get boring for your baby unless you think of new ways of keeping him engaged, entertained and if he can learn something, then it is a bonus. So this one is a learning experience where you could place some photographs in front and place your finger and help him identify people whom the baby is able to identify now. This would help him grasp and identify people through pictures.

Funny faces

Making funny faces and sound in front of the babies always keeps them engaged and makes them gradually smile too. The moment your baby gets crankier, you can use this tactic to hold him for some time. It would certainly make him stop crying and you can be relaxed too.


Baby swings are a very efficient and safe method to hold your baby in combination with the above creative ways of keeping the baby engaged.  Lay down a beautiful Wooden Baby Swing or the one that suits your room interiors and get the baby used to it by using a combination of above entertaining methods.


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