Best Postpartum Girdle, Have it Your Way!

Postpartum belly bumps can be a big trouble. But, only for those who doesn’t know the solution. With the introduction of the best postpartum girdle and belly band options, you can now get your same flat belly back in a few weeks.

If you are a mother to-be or living through the post-pregnancy phase just like me, you need to remember ‘there is a key to every lock’. I always believe in ‘no problem comes without solution(s)’. What we have to do is to find the best suited one.

Reconnect With Your Smartness:

Pregnancy is a blessing; having a little angel in your arms will make you fly high…beyond the sky. However, the after-effects of it can be depressing for some ladies.

Ah! Let’s be straight, for majority of new recruits in ‘mommy gang’. You know what the worst part is? The realization that your body cannot be as slim as it was before pregnancy. Thankfully, it is not a big problem now.

Post pregnancy girdle makes me confident of getting my beauty restored. It might also bring wonders your way. Who knows? Only you can decide on recreating your fate of having cool, elegant, stylish persona back on track.

Let’s take a look at whats being offered nowadays for those postpartum belly bump problems.

Postpartum Girdle Corset

best postpartum girdle01

This is a basic post pregnancy girdle with hooks that have easy access to groin with flaps. I love it for the reason it amazingly reduces the waistline and helps maintaining my body posture.

From the house of Bellefit, this might be a good choice for you as well.


  • Hook and eye closure gives you easy access
  • Perfect fit under garments
  • Optimal for incision healing
  • Ideal for all body shapes


  • It’s little uncomfortable
  • It’s difficult to wear a pad along with this corset
  • Not adjustable; comes in fixed sizes

I would recommend this girdle for all the tall mommies out there. Women who just had their C-section can use this product. Ideal for working ladies, as this corset hides easily under clothes.

Specific Features Include:

  • Rows of hooks allow the customer to tight the girdle at the time of additional compression as you progress throughout your delivery recovery.
  • This belt is specifically designed for post operation wear ability. It does not hurt when you put it after your C-section.
  • It is specifically designed for back ache relief and helps you gain muscle recovery.

What other people think!

Let’s see what other people say about this post pregnancy girdle corset.

  • It is a well-made, quality product. This girdle helps me to fit into my non-maternity outfits. (Charlie, Amazon)
  • Nicky says that this corset is ultra-uncomfortable, mishaps you and gives you ridiculous back fat.

What makes it different!

This corset is exactly the same as the Bellefit’s another expensive product with a dual zipper that has the same advantages. It refutes the stereotypical philosophy “the more expensive-the more reliable”.

However, the C-section panties by UpSpring are a better option for all those who do not like to work with all the hooks.

What Else!

This postpartum girdle is reasonably priced and is available in the market with gift wrap option.

  • Free shipping: Yes
  • Duration of shipping: One or Two days depending on your shipping plan
  • Special offers: Buy two, get a $20 discount

What should you do?

Want a quality product? Just buy this because this product pays off its price and shows better results.

Bellefit Dual-Closure Corset with Hooks & Side Zipper

best postpartum girdle02

This corset comes with a double closure that means you can both hook it and zip it. Being the big fan of Bellefit products, I love using this dual closure girdle. Thanks to my sister-in-law who gifted this to me on my second pregnancy.


  • Offers maximum adjustability 
  • Better shape
  • Improves Posture
  • Reliefs Back Pain
  • Reliable, Durable & Affordable


  • Zipper makes it little uncomfortable
  • Despite its dual closure, it rolls down too soon
  • Quite expensive

This product is a corset, which means it might be in adjustable for shorties. It is for C-sectioned mommies who want double adjustment of their corset.

Key features

  • Same features as the post pregnancy girdle corset 
  • Comes with an additional option of a zipper that gives maximum adjustability
  • Dual closure enables you to develop better posture and reinforces abdominal region muscles

What do the buyers say?

Let’s see what other people say about this post pregnancy girdle corset.

  • Bellefit makes good products, but this is so uncomfortable and it rolls down. (Charlie, Amazon)
  • Laurie says that the girdle gave her much support. She couldn’t wait to wear it on every morning.

What’s the difference?

The postpartum corset girdle by the same company is better than this zipper version.

With this, you will end up spending more money but the results are almost the same as for the corset girdle.

Additional information you need

This Dual-corset comes with the reasonable price tag.

  • Discount: Yes, for Visa card holders for worth $50 ·
  • Putting on duration: 12-24 hours a day for one week

What is a suitable option for you?

Too expensive for just an additional zipper feature. Overall, it’s a nice elegant girdle.

Gabrialla Breathable Abdominal Support Binder – Elastic Belly Wrap

best postpartum girdle03

A belly band (9 inch wide) that helps you lose that mid-section fat after pregnancy. This award winning product is a flexible yet perfectly fit body or breast shaping binder.

Manufactured by Gabrialla, USA, this flap binder wraps around your tummy and waist. If you want restful periods, this might be a good thing to try your hands on.


  • It allows you to breathe freely
  • Does not roll over
  • Good body shaper
  • Easily adjustable
  • Comfy for daily use · Highly economical


  • The material is hard
  • Crunches on sides
  • Not flexible

If you do not want to spend a lot on a binder, this one can be for you. It cheap and its reliable.

Women who have had abdominal hernias and abdominal surgery including a caesarian operation can use this product.

Key features

  • Comes with an elastic 9 inch wide breathable binder
  • Gives a perfect contour fit with innovatory loop fasteners and twin hook. It is easy to alter for a perfect fit
  • Winner of various ” Family Choice” and ” Top Choice” national awards

Who is happy, who is not

  • HopeSpirit writes on Amazon that this product’s material is stretchable and breathable.
  • Katie Yingling returned the product because she could not sit easily while wearing it.

Comparison with the rivals

Girdle corsets have a better fit and results.

Another slimming belt by Mammaway gives better results than this one.

Important information

This belly band is available in an affordable price range.

  • Free Return: Yes
  • Fitting Satisfaction: 74% according to customers review

What should you do?

Do not waste your money when there are better options available.

Interested in corsets, click here or buy a better belt option here.

Mamaway Nano Bamboo Postnatal Recovery & Support Belly Band

best postpartum girdle04

This three in one belly band can be used for multiple purposes. It is soft to be a wrap, wide to be a corset and tough to support your rear.

It is made by the Mamaway brand.


  • Its stretchy
  • Provides excellent lower back support and relief pain
  • Comfortable and supportive


  • Presence of three belts makes it appear bulky when put on
  • Overly priced
  • Rides up while sitting

These are for all those mothers looking for premium results with ultimate comfort. However, it is too expensive than its counterparts in the market.

This product is for ladies who had undergone either a C-section or normal delivery.

Key features

  • Made with bamboo charcoal, which is a rigid but flexible material.
  • Have an easy 3 step belt fastening system that secures and makes the belt comfortably tight.
  • It is antibacterial & emanates far-infrared rays naturally, to improve blood circulation.

Comments of buyers!

  • Review by Coverkid at Amazon: I purchased the belt for pain relief and low back support and found it effective.
  • Brittany complains about the product as; couldn’t sit while wearing the belt as it folded. Belt was stiff and visible under the shirt.

Things you need to know before buying

This mammaway belly band is available at a reasonable cost

  • Free return: Yes
  • Free shipping: Yes

Good belly band option!

It’s good bait for your money. A better performer than its rivals.

UpSpring C-Panty High Waist C-Section Recovery & Slimming Underwear

best postpartum girdle05

So this is the only post-natal slimming gear that comes in the form of a panty. Yes! A panty. That means you can easily pull UpSpring underwear up through your legs and do not have to worry about its rolling down.

It is made by the Mamaway brand.


  • Super easy to wear
  • Never rolls over
  • Reliable for longer use
  • Super affordable
  • One of its kind in the market


  • It loses elasticity after several uses
  • Not suitable for classical C-section or vertical incisions
  • Too tight even the XL size

I would recommend this to all those ladies who wants a comfy and easy going gear to loosen all the belly fat and postpartum swelling. But don’t forget to buy two of them, out of convenience.

This product is suitable for all the ladies who had their C-section with horizontal incisions.

Features include:

  • A silicon compression panel placed according to incision location help reduce sweat and rashes and swelling.
  • The tender waistband ends right beneath the ribs, eradicating the unease of tying waistbands at your middle-section.
  • Designed exclusively by a surgeon and twice C-sectioned mom.

Check out what others say

  • According to a review on Amazon; the panty fits comfortably & offers a decent level of compression all through the belly area.
  • Another review goes like; Comfy pants, but after only 12 hours of putting on this piece of “medical-grade silicone” begins to tear.

C-Panties Vs. Other postpartum belly wraps

If you are a woman, who neither likes corset nor belts; these undies are for you. They provide better fitting than the corsets & belts plus they are easy to put on.

What people frequently ask?

These panties from Upspring are cheap in price but easy to use and therefore a good choice indeed for women with limited budget.

  • Color Range: black & nude
  • Free return: Yes but on some sizes and colors
  • Fitting satisfaction: 69% according to customers’ reviews

What you should do

This is a better and practical option to gain back your shape than a belly belt or post pregnancy girdle.

Interested in buying the best postpartum belly wrap despite to look for the best postpartum girdle? The UpSpring Panty is an excellent choice.

The Verdict:

Out of all five postpartum girdles, I like the Upspring c-panty high waist C-section recovery & slimming underwear the superlative choice for mothers-to-be. You can put on these surgically purposed undies just like any other underwear and it does not make you feel you are wearing something apart from your daily attire.

It may not be as expensive or multipurpose as its counterparts, but it serves the same purpose and since they are really cheap; you can easily afford buying more than one.

Got something to share with us about your pre or post pregnancy schemes? Our readers would love to learn about real-time postpartum girdle experiences from sweet mothers out there. Just leave a comment below to mark your presence.


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