Baby Swing: Do It Yourself

Baby swings are a very thoughtful and beneficial device to get rid of your baby’s restlessness nature, cranky behavior and constant crying in just a few minutes of swing motion to the baby. The swing motion distracts the kid and comforts the baby for him to feel soothing. This comforting feeling helps the baby change his mood and get rid of the constant crying or quirky behavior.

Baby Swing: Do It Yourself

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Why to build a baby swing

There are machines of different sizes available in the market which you can purchase and lay your baby in to it for a swing ride. You do not need any physical efforts to start those swing motions. But since these machines are used maximum to only an year of baby’s birth, many people think of it as a waste buying a baby swing machine. If you think that way, you could build baby swing of your own too right at your home.

How to build your baby swing?

You need to look for the right kind of fabric and other material to build a baby swing of right strength and shape and size to be the way you want it to be.


Now assuming you have selected your fabric, select the wood and the rope with maximum strength to hold your babies weight and the pressure of their movements. The other ingredients would be a spring, few hooks and that’s it. These are the major things that you need to select as per the strength, load baring capacity and size of the baby swing you are looking for.


Panels – cut the fabric into 4 rectangular shapes depending upon the size you want ensuring that every rectangular panel should be made of two layers of fabric for strength. Once the panels are cut, stich all the three sides to make a stitched rectangle leaving one end open for the woods or the chain to enter thorough them.  You need to stich the corners of this side of the panels so that the chain or wood does not fall.

Oat woods or chain – once the panels are stitched, arrange them one above the another making a plus sign which would eventually form the four walls of the baby swing. Insert the wooden sticks or the chain through them and lift the panels upwards making a cube with the top open. Connect the chains with the four hooks connecting them to each other to complete the cube

Rope- So, once your open top cube is ready, you need to hook the rope and connect the other end of the rope to your celling to hang the baby swing. Remember to burn the ends of the rope so that they do not shred their threads. You can also make an outdoor swing and hang the Baby Swing from Tree.

Baby Swing: Do It Yourself

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There are many ideas to making a baby swing but the basic procedure has been laid above. This baby swing could be used for all the kids and babies. Based on the age and size of your baby, you could cover the walls and bottom space of the cube created with small mattresses so that they do not fall off the swing.

There are many people who take the wooden cubes already made and cover them with the kind of fabric they prefer which needs to be soft and fluffy so that your babies do not get hurt by the hardness of the wooden cube.

If you make it bigger, you get space to fill in with small baby mattresses and some of the toys too for the baby to spend time in their in a playful way.


So, there are thousands of ways of making a baby swing on your own. Select the ingredients based on the shape and size of the swing device you desire. Also carefully examine the strength and load baring capacity of each component you use to build the swing as that would determine the degree of safety for your baby. Depending upon the age of your baby, you need to make space and provisions for complete comfort of the baby so that he sleeps and spends time easily.


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