50 top baby names popular meanings

Along the way of life we meet a lot many people. Some are in our lives until the time we open eyes to the world for the very first time and other join us later such as our friends and children.

“A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches”
      - Bible

Babies are the god’s most wonderful gift he blessed the parents with. However, a few aspects of your pregnancy are as overwhelming and emotional as settling on your little one’s name.

The best part is you won’t ever find anything as much pleasurable as picking a perfect moniker for your newborn.

What’s in a Name?

To give your children a nice name is an important endeavor. It is your baby’s first identity. And, after all, they have to live with it throughout their lives. You must comprehend that it isn’t always as easy as going with your much-liked name, either.

You Are Going To Name Me What?

I wish I could ask this from my parents because they named me after a week I hit the planet earth; my father told me (wink). Well, it is obvious that newborns couldn’t ask this. But, people around you would certainly come up with the same inquiry.

“In 2002, 77% of babies born in the USA had names on the Top 1000, according to government data. By 2011, only 73% did.”

Parents can get inspirations from anywhere to name the newborn. The most suitable baby-name choices cab ne extracted from family connections and heroic personalities you admire the most.

How to Choose Name for Your Newborn?

Picking a beautiful, awe-inspiring name for a newborn sometimes make the parents overwhelmed. They may feel like stuck in the rut with a lot many options and several recommendations from the family members who are equally excited.

You know what’s more amazing – having the twins. Wow! A twofold increment in your responsibilities – let’s add more efforts to your babies name hunt.

Where to Commence your Venture From?

The new arrival- baby not only enters the clan after creating a lot trouble to parents; man’s fret about taking care of pregnant spouse, and woman’s agony all through the process. The first touch of your angel will make all worries and pains disappear.

What next? Yes, the ‘trial and error’ phase to pick the best name for your little cutie. It must not only sound good, but also should have a meaningful interpretation.

No wonder that besides your list of possible names you think up for the champ; baby girl or boy, it is obvious that your relatives and friends will likely to offer you the suggestions of their own. The choice is yours whether you consider their preferences or not. I think you should give it a try.

Commit to Memory – There is NO Thumb Rule

The fact is there is no firm principle of picking a nice name for your child. There is no right or wrong in it. The most appropriate way is to make a list of all available options and choose the one you love.

Things to Think About While Naming the Baby

Looking for your newborn’s name that will make him stand tall in the crowd? Enlisted below are a few important things that you should bear in mind as you finalize the name.

1. Name Should Age Well

Whatever name you choose, it should go well with all life stages that will happen to your child. Imagine your kid in an academic or professional situation, presenting a business proposal to a client or facing the interview panel.

Do not be over sentimental. Pick a nice name that won’t mortify your child when reached adulthood. Names such as lucky, bubbly, and jolly – might seem overly cloying when your child is a teenager.

2. How it Sound?

Think about the tones of your preferred names. The sound a name produce matters a lot when you call your kid. Is it pleasant to hear, or does it sound rough and ear-piercing.

Does it echo well with your last name? Kim Kardashian and Kanye West named their daughter ‘North’. Last name, ‘West’ – quit crazy.

Skip puns for your child’s sake. Expunge the likelihoods of embarrassment or fun situations when your child is an adult.

3. Popularity Level:

It is another important factor to take into consideration. According to Forbes Magazine, a study was conducted to know how fast parents respond to the trendy baby names. And, the conclusion says ‘popular names are popular with parents’.

The easiest way to name your baby is to decide on a popular name. it could be a religious name, celebrity’s name or any heroic personality you admire the most.

4. Uniqueness:

Unique names attract a lot many parents because this distinguishes their children from others. However, in some instances an exceptionally unusual can bring them frustration. And, key reason is name’s mispronunciation that can annoy your child like hell.

Think about people finding it difficult to pronounce an extremely unique name. Do not make him or her subjected to a lifetime of correcting others how to say his name.

Give your child a creative name that is easy to say for all. For example, ‘Alle’ sounds more inimitable in contrast to ‘Aliana’ or ‘Allenora’

5. Significance:

Here comes the importance of your picked name’s meaning. You can easily research the meanings of your preferred names online. It will aid you finalize the most perfect one for your newborn.

For instance, ‘Gabriel’ might be your family name, however knowing that it means “god is my strength’ or ‘a hero of God’ could also be an ideal way to honor the family member related to military.

6. Initials:

Give your children respectable initials that no one can transform into bad nicknames.

Naming a boy ‘Jack’ with middle name ‘Mary/Mariam’ sounds awkwardly feminine and can lead to an ill-fated moniker in school. And naming a girl ‘Hazel Nutt’ also seems quite unreasonable.

‘Anthony Leek’ can nearly piss anyone laughing because it’s quite an unfortunate name. Imagine your child as a high school teacher and his students calling him with an embarrassing nickname ‘Mr. Leak’.

I know a person names ‘enis’- I am dead serious; it appears too shameful.

7. Look for a Win-Win

Still perplexed? Let’s name your baby reflecting your heritage. There might be a pressure from family members to give the child you beloved grandfather’s name that’s not on your top 10 list.

Give your newborn the first name as you want and your grandmother’s name as his middle name. Or, you can go the opposite – call your child by his middle name.

Give your Baby a Beautiful Name

Often parents feel good about a name, but do not know if its meaning will be right for their baby or not. Because several names are just in fashion, but lacks a good meaning and usually have no significant sense.

Here is a list of baby names with their meanings to help out the would-be parents.

50 Baby Girl Names with Meanings

1. Emma

Origin: German

Meaning: Universal

2. Sophia

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Wisdom

3. Ava

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Life

4. Isabella

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Pledged to God

5. Natalia

Origin: Russian

Meaning: Birthday of the Lord

6. Zoe

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Life

7. Elizabeth

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God’s Oath, Bright one

8. Ella

Origin: German

Meaning: Fairy maiden

9. Victoria

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Victory

10. Lily

Origin: English flower name

Meaning: Flower associated with virgin Mary

11. Hannah

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Grace

12. Aria

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Lioness

13. Layla

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Night

14. Maya

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Water

15. Adele

Origin: French

Meaning: noble, nobility

16. Audrey

Origin: English

Meaning: Noble Strength

17. Caroline

Origin: French

Meaning: Free man

18. Samantha

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Told by God

19. Nora

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Light

20. Anna

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Grace

21. Ariana

Origin: Italian variation of Ariadne

Meaning: Most Holy

22. Ellie

Origin: English

Meaning: Bright Shining One

23. Aaliyah

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Heavens, Highborn, Exalted

24. Clara

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Bright, Clear

25. Aislinn

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Dream

26. Katherine

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Pure

27. Stella

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Star

28. Sarah

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Princess

29. Julia

Origin: Latin

Meaning: youthful

30. Jennifer

Origin: Cornish

Meaning: White Shadow, White Wave

31. Jade

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Stone of the side

32. Lilliana

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Lily, a flower

33. Brielle

Origin: French

Meaning: Hunting Grounds

34. Rhea

Origin: Greek

Meaning: A flowering stream

35. Ophelia

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Help

36. Moriah

Origin: Biblical place-name plus Hebrew

Meaning: The Lord is my teacher

37. Rayna

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Song of the Lord

38. Lucia

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Light

39. Madeline

Origin: English

Meaning: High Tower

40. Aurora

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Dawn

41. Brianna

Origin: Feminine Version of Brian

Meaning: Strong, Virtuous and Honorable

42. Alice

Origin: German

Meaning: Noble

43. Cora

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Maiden

44. Elena

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Bright 

45. Kinsley

Origin: English

Meaning: King’s Meadow

46. Valentina

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Strength, Health

47. Michaela

Origin: Feminine variation of Michael

Meaning: Who is like God

48. Margaret

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Pearl

49. Helen

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Shining Light

50. Angelina

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Angel

50 Baby Boy Names with Meanings

1. Liam

Origin: Irish short form of William

Meaning: Resolute protection

2. Jacob

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Supplanter

3. Ethan

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Strong, Firm

4. Elijah

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Yahweh is god

5. Daniel

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God is my judge

6. Jack

Origin: English

Meaning: God is gracious

7. David

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Beloved

8. Henry

Origin: German

Meaning: Estate ruler

9. Andrew

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Strong and manly

10. Wyatt

Origin: English

Meaning: Brave in war

11. Levi

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Joined, Attached

12. Emer

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Swift

13. Theodore

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Gift of god

14. Nathan

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Given

15. Aaron

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Enlightened, Exalted

16. Jeremiah

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Appointed by god

17. Jamal

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Handsome

18. Samir

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: A friend to talk with in the evening

19. Eli

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Ascended, Uplifted, High

20. Amos

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Carried by God

21. Cain

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Possessed

22. Zachary

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: the Lord has remembered

23. Hassan

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Handsome

24. Marcellus

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Little Warrior

25. Austin

Origin: English

Meaning: Great, Magnificent

26. Nicholas

Origin: Greek

Meaning: People of victory

27. Robert

Origin: English

Meaning: Bright fame

28. Gavin

Origin: Celtic

Meaning: White Hawk

29. Nolan

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Champion

30. Asher

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Fortunate, Blessed, Happy One

31. Mateo

Origin: Spanish version of Mathew

Meaning: Gift of god

32. Leo

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Lion

33. Ryder

Origin: British surname

Meaning: Cavalryman, Messenger

34. Leonardo

Origin: Italian and Spanish version of German name ‘Leonard’

Meaning: Brave Lion

35. Vincent

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Conquering

36. Carlos

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Free man

37. Ezra

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: help 

38. Axel

Origin: German

Meaning: Father of peace

39. Brantley

Origin: English

Meaning: Sword, Fiery Torch

40. Eric

Origin: Old Norse

Meaning: Eternal Ruler

41. Ivan

Origin: Russian variation of John

Meaning: God is gracious

42. Timothy

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Honoring God

43. Jonah

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Dove

44. Ryker

Origin: German

Meaning: Rich

45. Steven

Origin: English

Meaning: Crown, Garland

46. Patrick

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Noble

47. Alan

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Cheerful, Handsome

48. Maverick

Origin: American

Meaning: Independent

49. Amir

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: King, Ruler

50. Simon

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The Listener

There are a lot many modern invented names. Origin and meaning of such monikers are unidentified, but they are in vogue such as Zayden, Aidan, Caden, Jesse and much more.

The Art of Naming - Pitfalls to Watch For

The moment you think of naming your baby will be followed by a plentiful of pitfalls. The potential snags you will have to face while dealing with this herculean task include over popularity, humiliating meanings and embarrassing initials to name a few.

If you do not want to make this venture of baby-name selection any harder, then it is recommended to find out the trip-ups now; before signing the birth certificate.

It is better to run your top name list through our baby-naming pitfalls enlisted below.

  • Problematic Name Pairings

It happens when you already have one, two or more children. Most of the times you will need to say their names together such as calling for dinner or bed time.

Give your newborn a name that goes well with his siblings’ names. Say your newborn’s soon-to-be name together with names of your other kids. If your ears find it nice, it’s great. Or else, it’s something to think about.

John and Cady, its play time! It sounds much better than Sam and Ella, its play time. It seems like you are calling a food-borne illness ‘Salmonella’. Oops!

  • A Lifetime Of Correction

A number of the most beautiful and attractive names usually lend themselves to wrong pronunciation. It is more common with the contemporary names that today’s modern parents settle on for their kids. Your child will definitely find it a nuisance

It is all fine if the name you pick is not so common. But, save your child from the forever trouble of correcting people for accurate pronunciation and spelling of their names.

Consider some unique, but less-tricky and easy to pronounce names.

  • Embarrassing Initials

I have seen many teenagers cursing their family for giving them embarrassing initials.

Joseph Gabriel Patrick is indeed a nice name until you notice the initials. This is my nephew’s name living in Japan. As he entered the high school we all realized how upsetting his initials are – J.G.P. The elder boys at school offended him by calling ‘Japanese Gay Prostitute’. Sigh!

So, always try to circumvent the likelihoods of such rude awakenings later and check the initials in the first place before finalizing any name.

  • The Nickname Trap

Make sure that whatever name you are going to give your child should not be converted to bad and annoying nick names.

One of my seniors at elementary school named ‘Dizzy’ that sounds pretty cool and unique. Not only her name was misspelled often, but other students nicknamed her ‘Lizzie’. ‘Mavra’ turns into ‘larva’ and ‘Hannah’ into ‘Banana’.

Do not ever allow this pitfall stop you and check all the possible nicknames for your picked name. No-nickname camp is the best way to avoid any future misfortune for your child.

Final Thought

Your baby will grow and get mature with the name you choose for them. Yes, they can change it at any stage of their adulthood. However, normally the name given to them by their parents is what they adore the most. So, let them spend their lives with full confidence and respect.

Do you want to go traditional baby names, trendy or entirely unique? Gather all the great ideas and give your cutie pie an ideal name that always proud him of you.


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