50 good, bad and funny daily things that come with being pregnant


Carrying a child is a beautiful thing- some of the time. Other times it can be gross, uncomfortable, confusing, or downright hilarious. Here are 50 things that happen when you are pregnant.

The Good

1. Your boobs will grow substantially. Some people think this is an automatic benefit. That’s not necessarily true…

2. You will have an increased sex drive. Sex may not be easy, and you may not feel sexy, but, especially in the third trimester, you will want it!

3. Your hair will be shinier, thicker, and all around prettier. Your hair may also change during pregnancy.

4. Your nails will grow longer and be stronger. You can thank the nice hair and nails to prenatal vitamins.

5. While pregnant, you will have 50% more blood in your body. This is what causes a pregnant woman’s skin to “glow”. This is especially noticeable in the cheeks, like a natural blush.


The Bad

6. Your bigger boobs will be very sore. Also, they will be longer. It won’t be easy to enjoy them because of this. Your boobs will be bigger, which is aesthetically pleasing, but they are purely functional.

7. There will be gross discharge, and there will also be a lot of it. This is perfectly normal and easy to manage with some feminine hygiene products.

8. Your feet will grow. Many women grow a half a shoe size during pregnancy.

9. Your feet will be larger forever. Be prepared to buy a new shoe size for the rest of your life.

10. You are only supposed to increase calorie intake by 300 calories a day at most. Women typically only need to gain 25 lbs. during pregnancy. This doesn’t mean that a pregnant woman shouldn’t indulge or satisfy her cravings; it just means that she doesn’t want to go too crazy.

11. Hormones will cause you to have bad acne. This can happen at any point during the pregnancy. Luckily, this will eventually go away.

12. You will experience severe pelvic pain. This happens mostly in the third trimester when the baby is getting bigger and has less room.

13. Morning sickness occurs at all times throughout the day. Many people think that morning sickness only occurs in the morning. It’s not true.

14. You may get hyper-pigmentation on your face and other parts of your body that causes certain patches of skin to be a different color.

15. Taste buds can be fickle and make previously tasty things now taste like pennies.

16. You may experience above average fatigue.

17. Some spotting is normal; it is not necessarily a cause for alarm. However, anything more than spotting should be checked by a doctor.

18. Your skin will get unbearably itchy. This is caused by increased hormones that make your skin dry as well as your skin stretching.

19. You will have bad breath. Be sure to remember some extra mints and a spare toothbrush in your bag.

20. occur during pregnancy due to the increase in hormones. This can be especially uncomfortable in summer.

21. Prenatal vitamins will make you constipated. This happens to most women, and it will be problematic, but you can tough it out.

22. Restless Leg Syndrome is a real thing. Even if you didn’t believe it before, you will once you are pregnant. Calcium and iron supplements can help the frustrating symptoms, though.

23. You may experience sore or tender gums. You will notice an abnormal amount of blood when you brush your teeth, but remember that this is temporary.

24. Extra blood will cause the pregnant woman to experience spider veins. Don’t worry, though. Typically, these veins disappear shortly after birth.

25. You will experience cramps similar to period cramps. Only worse. Find a mild pain reliever that works for you and is safe during pregnancy.

26. Nose bleeds may happen. This is, once again, caused by the extra blood flow.

27. Heartburn will occur. Get stocked on antacids that are safe to take while pregnant.

28. Unfortunately, you will get stretch marks. It’s a natural occurrence when the skin stretches as much as it does when you are pregnant. Cocoa butter and other methods have been shown to reduce the stretch marks, though.

29. Your nipples will be extraordinarily sensitive, and they will hurt. Ice can be extremely helpful to relieve this pain.

30. Some women experience an alarmingly increased heart rate. This is relatively normal. Be sure to watch your caffeine intake and have ready methods to help calm your heart rate when it seems to be getting out on control.

The Funny

31. Hormones will make you cry at the littlest thing. Yes, you will be emotional and might cry because an older gentlemen held the door open for his wife at the grocery store. You’re not crazy. Your hormones are just going crazy. This will pass.

32. You will get “pregnancy brain” and be forgetful at times. Who cares that you accidentally left the car keys in the fridge again? You are bringing life into this world!

33. You will inevitably pee your pants. It can also happen at the worst times. You might want to stock up on some pads to make this a little less embarrassing while in public.

34. Prenatal vitamins may cause you to grow a beard or a mustache. Hormones can cause a pregnant woman to experience unexpected facial hair.

35. Hair everywhere will grow more quickly. Everywhere. Your legs will grow hair more quickly and thicker. Be prepared to spend more time on facial and body hair removal.

36. Grooming your vagina will be difficult- especially when you can’t see it anymore. In fact, grooming your most sensitive areas can become impossible.

37. You will snore. If you already snored, you will snore more loudly.

38. Your eyes will itch. It will be more confusing than anything else, but be prepared.

39. Your eyes will also swell. This is more aesthetically unpleasing than anything else. Relief can be found with eye drops or makeup.

40. You will burp more often. You may even beat your husband in a burping contest.

41. Your breasts will leak milk. Get used to it, because this doesn’t go away for some time.

42. Hormones can cause your vocal cords to swell and give you a deeper or raspier voice.

43. You will have more vivid dreams. Women have reported some of the most vivid dreams of their life during pregnancy.

44. By month 5 or 6, you will fart constantly and at all times. There is nothing you can do about it. Blame it on the pregnancy, keep some air freshener handy, and go on with your day.

45. Farts and poop will be especially pungent. You can smell if you dare, but you may choose to hold your breath after the first couple of times.

46. Your nipples will increases in size. A lot. They will definitely look funny, and you can have fun comparing them in size to small household items.

47. Your sense of smell will be severely enhanced. You will be able to smell food, flowers, or skunk from a large distance away. It can make you sick to your stomach or extremely hungry. The best part is knowing that you have a temporary superpower.

48. Your nose will get bigger. Many people know that their stomach, their feet, their boobs, and their nipples will get bigger. However, people forget to mention that the nose grows, too.

49. Your pee will smell different. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it will be a shock.

50. Your uterus will increase in size by . The things that your body can do during pregnancy are incredible, and this is just one of the numerous shocking facts about the experience. Imagine if any other part of your body grew that much.


Your pregnancy is going to make your body do weird, beautiful, and frustrating things. It’s part of the journey, and it is best to embrace the special time and be grateful that your body knows what to do to care for the life that you are carrying.

Soon you will be holding your child and pushing them in the best baby swing that you can find. However, you can’t get there without going through the pregnancy.

Have you had any different experiences that weren’t on the list or want to share your own most shocking symptoms?



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