100 must-have baby nursery checklist

Every mother wants the hassle of taking care of her babies to reduce. Not that upbringing babies is a “job” for mothers; they certainly love doing that. But keeping in mind that mothers are humans too, they certainly need assistance at times.

It is not feasible to ask for help constantly and therefore, there are different accessories available to help mothers with the task of taking care of their infants and for the infants themselves.

Here are the top 100+ baby products that might offer you the assistance you might find hard to get otherwise.


Baby Clothes

100 must-have baby nursery checklist01

Mothers will know how important it is to get softest possible clothes for the newborns because their skin is not as tough as ours. Kissy Kissy’s baby clothes are made out of Pima cotton and are the softest thing your child’s skin could be next to.

Baby Bed

100 must-have baby nursery checklist02

While choosing a bed for a baby, you will broadly go for two things; comfort and safety. Dwell Studio offers the best bedding for babies, and their prices are starting from $35 only. Their beds are absolutely safe and extremely comfortable. Additionally, they’re even washable!

Baby Bottle Drying Rack

100 must-have baby nursery checklist03

Instead of filling your kitchen slabs with all the baby stuff to dry, use Boon Grass Drying Rack to dry all the things your child uses. This saves a lot of space and avoids germs attacking stuff you would want absolutely clean for your child.

Diaper Pail by Ubbi

100 must-have baby nursery checklist04

This Diaper Pail by Ubbi is the sleekest way to dump off your baby’s diapers when you can’t find a bin. It has a metal body which keeps the odour of diapers inside it, along with the super tightly sealed lids.

A Bulb Syringe

A Bulb Syringe can save you from losing your senses if your baby shoves up stuff in the nose or has a blocked nose. This is a serious help because you would have to visit a doctor otherwise as you cannot use other stuff in your cabinet in your baby’s nose. Hence, a Bulb Syringe is certainly something to have in medicine cabinet for your baby.

Moby Wrap

It is pretty hard to believe how a soft piece of cotton can hold a baby firmly. It feels a bit dangerous initially because you might not be fond of holding the baby while your hands are free. But Moby Wrap is a piece of cotton that can hold your baby strongly for as long as you want it to.

Baby Friendly Rugs

100 must-have baby nursery checklist05

The need of a rug in houses is something not really uncommon. Baby skins are entirely different from adult skins and are to be dealt with care. Dwell Studio Sheepskin Rug is the rug that will go easiest on your child’s skin.

Backseat Mirror

It’s a lot of worries when your child is in the backseat, and you’re driving. Turning around while driving is totally impractical, and hence, Munchkin Adjustable Backseat Mirror provides a perfect solution. You can look at your baby just by looking in the rearview mirror.

Stability Ball

100 must-have baby nursery checklist06

The Stability Ball is absolutely magical. It serves both, the mum and the baby. It has supernatural relaxing powers and calms your baby down in a minute or two. Secondly, it is a great option to stretch your sore back and shoulders.


100 must-have baby nursery checklist07

The Mamaroo is almost a virtual mother. This is probably the most helpful tool. It imitates a mother’s hand and body movements while she puts her baby to sleep. It even has sounds just like a mother makes. Hence, it’s an amazing tool to put your child to sleep while you can carry on with other important tasks.

A Perfect Pair of Shoes

100 must-have baby nursery checklist08

When your toddler starts walking, you go out in the market to find perfect shoes. But as an infant is always growing, you have to go through the pain of getting pairs of larger sizes every now and then. ShooShoos offers a pair that grows with the size of your baby’s feet. Isn’t that cool?

Baby Stroller

100 must-have baby nursery checklist09

You must have seen several other strollers and would wonder why specifically this one is included here. The Bugaboo Cameleon 3 is that one stroller that will never leave you. It has extremely strong wheels, and the body can withstand any sort of jumps, bumps and weather conditions.

White Noise App

The White Noise App is an absolute wonder if you’re on the go. While travelling, it is usually hard for the babies to sleep in a new environment. Let’s say you’re in your car; set this app to “oscillating fan” and it will produce such sound. This will give the infant the usual feel.

Cradle ‘N Swing

100 must-have baby nursery checklist10

The Fisher-Price Cradle ‘N Swing is another magic trick to put your baby to sleep. When tried, this thing put the babies to sleep in 4 minutes on average. Isn’t that pretty fast? It might take you more time and energy than that.

Rockabye Baby Music CD

The Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Bjork is suggested by a lot of moms. This CD has almost all kinds of soundtracks that can put your baby to sleep in no time.

SleepSack Swaddle

Halo Sleepsack Swaddle is the softest thing your child could sleep in. It is made out of 100% cotton, and children love to wrap it around themselves.

Gripe Water

100 must-have baby nursery checklist11

Gripe Water is a ginger-based solution that fixes gassy stomachs of babies in a matter of minutes.

Kickee Pants

Kickee Pants by Coveralls is also in the list of the softest clothing you can put on your baby.

Baby Soap

100 must-have baby nursery checklist12

Dapple’s Fragrance-Free Soap is one of its kinds. Normal soaps can be a bit harmful to babies. This liquid is made of absolutely natural ingredients and washes the dishes better than normal detergents.

Baby bed’s sheets

100 must-have baby nursery checklist13

Aden + Anais Crib Sheets are specially designed for baby beds. The materials and the patterns make babies reach another level of comfort.

Baby Pillow

100 must-have baby nursery checklist14

Boppy Pillow is designed to support children’s head while breastfeeding.

Breast Pump

Medela Freestyle Breast Pump is different from other breast pumps because they make the process bearable. It will not hurt like usual if you use this pump. Also, they are extremely portable.

Jellykitten Library Books

100 must-have baby nursery checklist15

Jellykitten makes soft books for infants that encourage the growth of their developing senses. These books are highly attractive and immune to crunches and crinkles.

Mini Boden Dribble Bibs

100 must-have baby nursery checklist16

Wearing a bib all day long looks a little weird because then there’s no point of buying crazy clothes for your baby. Mini Boden’s designs are bibs too but don’t look like one. They blend in with the outfit and look cool.

Fisher-Price Link-a-Doos

100 must-have baby nursery checklist17

The best part about Link-a-Doos is that they are extremely cheap; they cost $8 only. This is a teether set that won’t hurt your baby’s little gums.

7 A.M. Enfant Blanket 212evolution

This blanket is the best thing you can get for your child if you live in a place with low temperatures. It’s extremely warm and cosy and serves almost like a sleeping bag itself.

Soft Idea Plaid Receiving Blanket

100 must-have baby nursery checklist18

Their weight is the reason they’re so cosy. Also, they come in colours that go with almost every setting!

Angel Dear Curved Pillows and Blankies

100 must-have baby nursery checklist19

Usually, mums don’t go for curved pillows. But Angel Dear’s curved pillows provide just the right mimic for your arm while your baby is napping. Thus, you won’t have to sit beside your child while he/she naps.

Boumy Shoes

100 must-have baby nursery checklist20

Boumy shoes are not normal baby shoes. They use leather to make these shoes so it keeps your baby’s feet warm. Additionally, they are designed in a way to keep baby’s balance.

Carter’s Onesies

100 must-have baby nursery checklist21

Parents prefer onesies during the initial months. They are simple and do the basic task well. Carter’s onesies are probably the most comfortable ones out there.

Puj Snug

Every mother knows the fear of baby’s head hitting the tap when they shift them from sink to tub. Usual faucet covers are made out of hard plastic which doesn’t really make a difference. Puj’s spout cover is soft as anything and even looks cute!

Safety 1st Baby’s 1st Deluxe Healthcare and Grooming Kit

100 must-have baby nursery checklist22

This is the best thing you could gift your baby (read: yourself) with. Having everything you would need to groom your baby, this kit is a necessity. Instead of searching shops to buy all the essentials individually, you should get this all-in-one grooming kit.

Freshfood’s Freezer Tray

100 must-have baby nursery checklist23

This product is for parents who tend to make their baby’s food themselves. It looks like a baby thing and does the job perfectly.

Milkmakers Lactation Cookies

100 must-have baby nursery checklist24

This one is for the mums. These cookies are extremely delicious, and they increase your milk supply, eventually helping you and your babies.

Jellycat Stuffed Animals

100 must-have baby nursery checklist25

These are the cutest and softest stuffed animals ever. Children get attached to them pretty quickly, and it’s a great tool to keep them busy while you get other stuff done.

Bugaboo Organizer

If you have the Cameleon 3, the Organizer is the best add-on. This bag has just enough space for every mommy thing you might want to put into it.

On-the-Go Mobile by Tiny Love

100 must-have baby nursery checklist26

Infants usually love sweet, calm music, and it easily keeps them busy or puts them to sleep. Tiny Love’s On-The-Go Mobile is portable and can be taken anywhere you go with your kid to keep it busy or asleep.

Uppa Baby Easy-Fit Car & SUV Sunshade

Babies’ heads and bodies are not strong enough to take all the sunlight we can tolerate every day. Hence, Uppa Baby’s sunshade provides the right amount of protection for your baby from sunlight while you guys are in a car.

Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo Activity Gym

100 must-have baby nursery checklist27

This is a set that contains tiny stuff toys while providing your great child learning.

Good Earth Original Tea

100 must-have baby nursery checklist28

Normal tea intakes might add caffeine to mother’s breast milk. Good Earth has made a tea to take care of mum’s tea cravings and baby’s health.

Bordreaux’s Butt Paste

100 must-have baby nursery checklist29

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste is the king of diaper creams. It suits every infant’s skin and has a great smell!

Cybex 2.Go

Cybex 2.Go is one of the best carriers because it is specially designed to keep babies warm. Also, it has an adjustable hip area so you can set it according to your babies’ sizes in different instances.

Cariboo Folding Bassinet

100 must-have baby nursery checklist30

Cariboo’s Bassinet is an exception because it is not just a bassinet, it’s a foldable bassinet.

Summer Infant Baby Touch WiFi Video Monitor & Internet Viewing System

Summer Infant’s Baby Touch WiFi Video Monitor & Internet Viewing System is a monitoring system that obviously works on one Wi-Fi, but it also provides remote viewing! You can watch your kid from anywhere.

Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddle Wraps

100 must-have baby nursery checklist31

These wraps do look like just pieces of cloth, but they can do infinite tasks. You can cover the stroller with them while your baby’s asleep, or wrap them in it, or use them as a mat, etc.

Serena & Lily Moroccan Leather Pouf

100 must-have baby nursery checklist32

This is a great addition if you want to change your baby room to a teen room. They come in different colours.

Fisher-Price Snugabunny Bouncer

100 must-have baby nursery checklist33

This bouncer is the best way to keep your kid calm for hours so you can spare some time for yourself.

Skip Hop Hare Comb & Brush Set

100 must-have baby nursery checklist34

This set provides you with a separate space to put baby’s comb and brush and that too, absolutely free of germs.

Belabumbum Before & After Cami

Exceedingly soft, it has adjustable straps to keep up with your tummy’s size changes while you’re pregnant.

Angel Dear Featherweight Fine Gauge Knit Clothing

Angel Dear’s clothing line comes with cloth quality and colour that never goes out of fashion no matter what time of the year it is.

Crane Cool Mist Humidifier

100 must-have baby nursery checklist35

This is the most important thing in colder months of the year. It comes in cool shapes and shades.

Thermos Foogo Tritan Straw Bottle

100 must-have baby nursery checklist36

This straw bottle works on very little force, cleans easily and it’s durable, too.

Baby Bjorn

This is one carrier that will let you do stuff like cooking and taking your dog for a walk while your child hangs in it peacefully. Yes, it’s that strong and comfortable.

Carter’s Keep Me Dry Waterproof Fitted Quilted Crib Pad

This will save you mattress from getting wet over and over again. If you get two of them, you can just remove one and put another when you don’t have enough time to wash the first.

The Woombie

100 must-have baby nursery checklist37

You can keep your child swaddled in this wrap for comparatively more time because of its softness. Infants don’t feel like coming out of it themselves.

California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo and Body Wash

100 must-have baby nursery checklist38

This shampoo will leave your child with absolutely no irritation yet clean them well.

Sophie Giraffe

100 must-have baby nursery checklist39

Kids are magnetically attracted to Sophie. That’s probably why it has been there for 50 years!

Puj Tub

100 must-have baby nursery checklist40

Getting your baby bathed in the sink is one of the scariest tasks ever. This tub is specifically designed for sinks and hence, they perfectly fit in sinks and your child perfectly fits in them.

Trumpette Baby Socks

100 must-have baby nursery checklist41

These are socks with shoes drawn over them. Hence, they look like shoes, but they are actually socks. Cutest possible thing your baby could wear!

Maclaren Triumph

100 must-have baby nursery checklist42

This is an extremely lightweight stroller, and that be folded with one hand literally.

Oball Rattle

100 must-have baby nursery checklist43

This is another crazy toy to keep your child entertained for an hour or so. It has holes so kids grab it easily, and it rattles when moved. This is what keeps children interested.

JJ Cole Diapers and Wipes Pod

100 must-have baby nursery checklist44

This is the best solution while you kid is still under potty training.

Sandra Boynton Board Books

100 must-have baby nursery checklist45

The books are attractive and what Sandra writes is easily understood by kids. A set of these is great learning for the kid.

Lansinoh Nipple Cream

100 must-have baby nursery checklist46

This cream is a crazy hack because it can be used for a lot of other things than what it’s made for; dry elbows, for instance.

Baby Gap Leggings

100 must-have baby nursery checklist47

To save your time in finding the best leggings for your child, Baby Gap’s aces in making leggings that are softer than your baby’s skin and stylish as ever.

Susan Goldman Rubin Books

100 must-have baby nursery checklist48

The collection Susan Goldman has made is both, party and informational. It builds strong bases of children and is easy to teach kids from.

Wimmer-Ferguson Crawl and Discover Play Mat

100 must-have baby nursery checklist49

This mat catches kids’ eyes in no time, and they never get bored of it, especially because of a tiny mirror it has. Babies love to see themselves in the mirror.

Valco Baby Stroller

100 must-have baby nursery checklist50

Valco Baby Stroller is designed in a way that when it folds it perfectly fits in the back of a car. Also, people have hiked with their kid in this stroller.

Boon Naked Bathtub

100 must-have baby nursery checklist51

Boon Naked’s Bathtub is a perfect alternative of showering your newborn in a sink.

Restoration Hardware Moses Basket

100 must-have baby nursery checklist52

BoIn initial months, even a baby cot is pretty large for the infant. This basket is of perfect size for an infant and is absolutely comfortable.

Belly Bandit

Mums usually complain about a hanging belly after delivery. This compression garment will not only put the belly in but will provide the back support you need to stand straighter than usual. It’s a must accessory for moms-to-be.

Blabla Dolls

100 must-have baby nursery checklist53

Dolls are the most famous thing among kids. What’s different with Blabla Dolls is their unique designs and names.

Zutano Itzy Bitzy Cozie Hat

100 must-have baby nursery checklist54

A coz hat is not only for children living in cold temperatures. Every temperature can affect an infant. Hence, every child needs a cosy hat.

Pottery Barn Kids Comfort Swivel Glider

100 must-have baby nursery checklist55

This glider provides extreme comfort to the mother and the baby.

Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper

100 must-have baby nursery checklist56

The Baby Einstein Jumper is an all-in-one thing. It has so many things and sounds to play with that it’s almost unbelievable that a child gets bored.

Aden + Anais Burpy Bibs

100 must-have baby nursery checklist57

It’s common for mums to put infants on shoulders after a meal to make them burp, which usually comes with saliva or even some food, at times. To protect mums’ clothes from getting dirty time and again, these bibs are designed to fit shoulders perfectly.

Cloud B Sleep Sheep

100 must-have baby nursery checklist58

This tiny sheep attaches to the bedding and makes soothing sounds from nature that will even put you to sleep, let alone your baby.

Fisher Price Rock ‘n’ Play Sleeper

100 must-have baby nursery checklist59

This sleeper is a perfect replacement for mommy’s arms. Babies sleep in their mum’s arms only but get used to this sleeper quickly. Hence, new mums’ arms won’t hurt.

BabyLegs Leg Warmers

100 must-have baby nursery checklist60

It’s fairly tough to cover babies properly in winters. Leg Warmers cover the area between the socks and the pants because this is where cold actually gets in from.

Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light

100 must-have baby nursery checklist61

This travel crib light is incredibly lightweight and folds in no time.

Bonpoint Cotton Jersey

This isn’t the cheapest thing you’ll find to put on your child, but it certainly is the smoothest.

Sam Lloyd Pop-Up Puppet Books

100 must-have baby nursery checklist62

There are characters made on the books, and if the child taps on the back, they talk. They even occasionally grab children’s little noses or fingers which excite them.

Mustela 2-in-1 Hair and Body Wash

100 must-have baby nursery checklist63

24 hours of beautiful scent from your child’s body and hair, basically.

Britax Advocate Clicktight

100 must-have baby nursery checklist64

This car seat is known to endure any possible thing and last forever. You children might use it for their children.

3 Marthas Hooded Towels

100 must-have baby nursery checklist65

These hooded towels are the cutest way to dry your baby quickly after a shower and keep them warm.

Safety 1st Fever Light 1 Second Ear Thermometer

Babies don’t know how to handle thermometer, especially with their mouths. This thermometer is made for children records temperature from the ear and is safe from breaking.

Uppa Baby Vista Stroller

100 must-have baby nursery checklist66

This stroller avoids the need of taking an extra shopping cart in a mart. It has a huge basket beneath it that works like a cart itself.

Orbit Labels

100 must-have baby nursery checklist67

Orbit Labels are a pretty cool thing. Water bottles and containers can be labelled with your baby’s name by putting these labels on them. This way, your baby’s accessories won’t get lost in public.

Ah Goo Baby Plush Pad

100 must-have baby nursery checklist68

Vinyl changing pads are easy to use, but they aren’t really comfortable. This Plush Pad provides a completely cozy, comfortable support to the baby.

Little Noses Saline Spray

100 must-have baby nursery checklist69

A stuffed nose is a pain for us, let alone babies. This spray opens up their noses in no time and makes them sleep better and more comfortably.

WubbaNub Pacifiers

100 must-have baby nursery checklist70

These are the cutest thing to put in your baby’s mouth, especially with those animals.

Little Castle Glider

100 must-have baby nursery checklist71

Once you put it, you can leave this glider at its place for ages to come. This glider can suit a setting for a child of any age.

Serena & Lily Sengalese Storage Baskets

100 must-have baby nursery checklist72

They’re the best thing to keep if you have lots of stuff to carry with you. The handles make them easy to handle too.

Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Car Seat

100 must-have baby nursery checklist73

This is something great-looking, safe, and easy, all at the same time. It can be your best solution for making travelling with your kid easy.

Baby Banana Bendable Training Toothbrush

100 must-have baby nursery checklist74

Brushing teeth is easier than ever with this cute toothbrush. Your kids will be so fascinated with it that you wouldn’t have to convince them to brush their teeth every day.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

100 must-have baby nursery checklist75

This is the best thing to keep for light skin problems. The dermatologists’ favorite skin cleanser gives a cleaner and healthier skin to your whole family.

Phil & Teds Lobster Hook-On Highchair

The chair gives a cozy, comfortable place to your child, while placing him high on the table.

Born Free Bottles and Sippy Cups

100 must-have baby nursery checklist76

These bottles and cups are cute and easy to hold. They make drinking milk or water enjoyable for children of every age.

Fisher-Price Discover N Grow Twinkling Lights Mobile

These twinkling lights are one of the best tricks to put your baby to sleep. It also has a remote controller that you can use from the other room if she wakes up in her room in the middle of the night.

Baby Caché Heritage Lifetime Convertible Crib

100 must-have baby nursery checklist77

This crib is harder than usual ones while being convertible. Also it costs lesser than the general price of cribs in fancy baby boutiques.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Added Comfort Bottles

100 must-have baby nursery checklist78

Compared to normal bottles, these bottles are made from plastic that is BPA-free. Additionally, it only has three parts which makes it super easy to assemble. And finally, it has an anti-air-bubble venting system. This thing is a winner undoubtedly.

Which one do you need the most? Get the best for your little champ!




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